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Technical Service

Since 1973, we have been providing Utilities,  
Industry and Contractors with state of the art re-tubing tools and service throughout the United States and abroad.  Our service offers the following advantages:

  • You will be using tools of the latest design by the people who invented and designed the Tube Cutter, the Tube Puller and the Tube Traveler that virtually changed the way the world re-tubes condensers, heat exchangers and evaporators.

  • The broad and extensive experience of our Field Technicians dates back to 1973.

  • The largest range of Tube Removal Tools available.  We cut, pull, travel and chop tubes from 5/8” O.D. to 2-1/2” O.D.

  • Because of our large quantities of tooling, we can support five to six re-tube jobs, simultaneously.

  • Full CNC support used to manufacture our Tools and Equipment to close tolerance standards and support your specific needs in a timely manner.

  • We will be happy to help your Estimators establish a competitive man-hour estimate for a re-tube project, based on our years of experience.

  • We prefer to furnish you with a Lump Sum Quotation for Tools, Expendables and Technical Services, FOB your jobsite, to support your Firm Price Bid.