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In 1973, Mr. Richard T. Harris, Sr. designed and built what we now call our Model-73 Tube Puller. In 1977, he designed, built and patented the first Tube Traveler. In 2003, he designed, built and patented the Tube Gobbler, which travels, flattens and chops the tube into short lengths at the tube sheet. In summary, our tools and equipment represent a total of six patents, with the seventh patent in the early stages of patent application.

Three of the patents have expired and become public domain. Copies of our Model-73 Puller are now manufactured by major tool companies. Those copies and reproductions do not incorporate the improvements we have made in the last 35 years. Our 7/8" and 1" front-end parts (jaws and puller bolts) will withstand 10,000 PSI of hydraulic pressure and 22,000 lbs. of pulling force without breakage. Other companies are restricted to 6,000 lbs. hydraulic pressure and 13,200 lbs. pulling force.

The same originality and design expertise applies to our "Traveler-Chopper" that we call the "Gobbler". This machine travels, flattens and chops the tube into 6" lengths at the tube sheet. Our Gobbler weighs 90 lbs., whereas our competitors' machines weigh 160 - 200 lbs. each.

The only difference between our Tube Traveler and Tube Gobbler is the design of the patented helix nipper and anvil roll and our herring bone Traveler Rolls. Both machines weigh only 90 lbs. each.

Condenser & Boiler Tools, Inc. is owned by Richard T. Harris, Jr. Rick and father, Dick, both travel to the re-tube jobs as Technicians, to make sure that we both meet and exceed the expectations of our clientele. Both men know that the best products we have for sale are the productivity, performance and reliability of our equipment and our expertise. To this end, we possess the capability, willingness and expertise to meet any challenge.

Standard Tube Cutter
Hydraulic Tube Puller
Hydraulic Tube Traveler and Tube Gobbler
Year designed: 1978
Patent #:
3,835,520 A
4,044,444 A
4,815,201 A
5,535,505 A
Condenser & Boiler Tools, Inc.  
5,575,065 A
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