Cleaning Tools

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Tube Sheet Cleaning Tools

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Stainless Steel Wire Brushes

(Bottom of photograph) The double-spiral stainless steel power wire brushes with .006 diameter wire are sized 1/16" larger than the tube sheet hole. Once (in and out) will clean the tube sheet hole without removing tube sheet material or deforming the hole.

Stainless Steel Wire Brushes

Flapper Wheels

(Top of photograph) The Flapper Wheels are another "once in, once out" method of tube sheet cleaning. Again, they are sized to the tube sheet hole diameter.


Ball Burrs

The Carbide Ball Burrs are used to clean the support plate holes before installing the new tubes. The Carbide Burr has a right-hand cut and a left-hand helix to prevent grabbing. It is also double-cut to prevent premature breakage. The carbide ball is designed to remove rust, calcium carbonate and other foreign matter from the support plate hole. The Burr is sized .015" larger than the new tube, thus establishing the support plate hole to its original diameter. We stock burrs for 5/8" to 1 1/4" diameter tubes.

Tube rolling Motors

Pneumatic Drill

This 1-HP x 400 RPM Drill, with its self-contained oiler, is used to power our cleaning tools, such as ball burrs and wire brushes.

Tube rolling Motors